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Wtb larger aggressive or semi aggressive

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Im looking for some aggressive to semi aggressive fish that is at least large enough to not be eatin by an 11 in volitan. Closer to the sterling hieghts area the better this is the area i work in. Please PM
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What type of fish are you looking? Lrg Angel, Triggers, Tangs, etc.....
Any of the above also larger wrasses and scorpion fish the more unique the better its just im lookin to add another fish or two and lookin for options
Ok I love a challenge, LOL!! An 11 inches volitan, beautiful. I have a few leads on XL to Show size French - Queen - Blue - Grey and Townsend Angels. I will have to check around for Tangs and Triggers. As for jumbo wrasses at that size it would have to be the halichoeres species and they are considerable mean at that size!!

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Correction Thalassoma not Halichoeres
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