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wtb live rock

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Im looking for about 10-15 lbs of live rock
willing to take any thing but base rock.
Looking to buy or trade for frags or fish.
Also i have a couple fish that need new homes
1.2-3in yellow tang
1.3-4in fox face
1.3-4 in clarky clown
1.3in flounder
i got them all on a group buy and dont have room for them in my main tank they are currently in my ten gallon hospital tank.I REALY NEED TO GET RID OF THESE
For all fish make me an offer and let me know if any one has some rock for sale.
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I may have some rock for you after I rearrange my tank. Not alot though. Maybe 10-15 pounds max.

You kinda know what my stuff looks like already [)]
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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