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So title pretty much says it. I currently have an 85G tank that I picked up from another user here on MR when he wanted out of the hobby fast. It is settled in and doing quite well. It currently has 7 of the Ecoxotic Panorama modules over the tank. 5 of them are the older 12W version and 2 of them are the new "Pro" 19W version.

Bottom line is that after many, many years in this hobby and past successes with VHO, T5 and MH, I am simply just not sold on the LEDs. The color spectrum of the setup isn't bad but coral growth is painfully slow and after researching these for several months, it appears that I would seriously need another 4~6 of these modules. Just not sure I want to pony up $600 for something I'm not sold on.

I have an older IceCap 660 and IceCap 440 ballast hanging around but I do not have a wiring harness for either of them, nor do I have the heat sinks.

So, I am considering buying some used MH equipment suitable to a 48" x 18" footprint, or some spare parts to bring my IC ballasts up to snuff so I can run T5.

I very much want the stuff to look nice... nothing that looks like it came out of granddad's barn.

Anyone have anything suitable they are looking to sell? Shoot me a PM.
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