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WTB or build Canopy for 90 gallon

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I am looking for a new canopy for my 90 gallon It needs to house my VHO'S and 2 175 w MH The one I have now works but isnt practical if anyone has one for sale or has plans on how to build one please let me know.
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Hi Caron,

I just finished building a new canopy for my 90 gallon. I have 2 250W MH and 2 T-5 atinics........ I'm really happy with the way it turned out.........

The doors in the front slide from one side to the other for access to the top of the tank.

And if you need full access... you can remove the doors and open the top.

I still haven't stained or put any urathane on it yet....... that is soon........ I want to match the stain on the stand..

Mine is built from oak....... my stand is oak...... but you can do the same thing with pine

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Did you use 1/2" or 3/4" oak ply?
Thats looks awesome so when do you wanna build me one heehee <wink wink> I am building challenged and my husband is worse then me. I need simply easy to follow plans Im thinking that is way above my saw and hammer skillz.
Thanks greenb

Acerhigh, Did you use 1/2" or 3/4" oak ply?
I used 3/4" oak on the sides and the back.... The top is 3/4" oak plywood....... and the doors are 1/4" oak plywood.

I'd be happy to build you one Caron. I'm not sure what the cost would be....... I wasn't keeping track on what the wood cost....


edit: What length VHO's do you have..... 48 or 46.5?
I have 46.5... That would be awesome could you get me a round about figure for the price plus your labor. Im luck I can work my electric screw driver lol.
That is a nice job you did on it acerhigh. Looks real nice.
Call Deep Blue Reefs they have a 48 x 18 canopy left over from their tank sale. They will cut you a great price.
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