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Mated Seahorse pair

I have a mating pair of Hippocampus Erectus that I'd like to find a home for. They are the healthiest horses I've ever had, doing fine eating thawed frozen mysis shrimp.
She is a lemony yellow, he is more of a yellowish brown. Both have the usual white marking of erectus seahorses.

With a water temp of 72 degrees, these guys produce a brood every 3 weeks. It's really cool to watch them parade across the front of the tank holding tails, or doing their rising swirling dance as she puts her eggs in his pouch. I've had no luck raising the babies, but it's still fascinating to see him give birth.

The pair is about 10 months old. I'm asking $110 for the pair.

I'll post pictures if you're interested.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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