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WWC Grafted Monty Cap - Larger sizes

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I have some good sized red monti caps for sale. My mother colony is huge now and these "frags" has been in the frag tank for too long and are getting really big. They range from 3 inches across to about 5 inches.

1. 4x6" WWC Grafted Monty Cap - no green remaining - $39

2. 3x3" WWC Grafted Monty Cap - no green remaining - $29

3. 3x5" WWC Grafted Monty Cap - Red and some green remaining $44

This is the mother colony

This is a tank shot for size reference. It is a Red Sea Reefer 525XL
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Pics arent showin
I am happy to text better pictures to anyone interested.

I will also be posted a number of frags for sale of:
Red Planet
Red Setosa
German Blue digital
Sour Apple Birdsnest
As well as some others
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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