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XP service pack 2?

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Is anyone running XP service pack 2 yet? Any problems?
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make sure you adjust the xp's firewall settings or you will find lots of things wont work that used to. I myself cant stand xp. the way it looks and all that so im sticking to win2k. I wish I could run doom3 but I have one thing keeping me from being able to do that. my video card is too old. its a geforce 4 ti4200 128mg card. all well my next upgrade is going to be a completly new computer. I think I am going to add some goodies like a couple windows, light fans, strip lights, etc etc. I added up everythign I want and it looks like a little over $2500 if I have someone else customize it (yeah like I am gonna do that). Only $2000 if I customize it hehe (maybe less depends on how far I want to get into customizing it myself or buying it customized).
DlBerlin said:
Hey ofblong-the ti4200 should run that game on med graphics settings.
yeah but the card is old (well by computer standards) and I want a better one anyways. I dont shop newegg much as I can get cheaper prices from other places than what newegg sells for. I used to be able to get my stuff at cost but the guy went out of business (basically started spending his $$$ unwisely). Now I shop www.pricewatch.com and a couple other places. sometimes newegg is the cheapest but more often than not they arent.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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