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yellow tangs

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Ive just got my first tang and its in my cure tank right now but by question is .....has any one ever seen a yellow tang with a whit line going thrugh his body from like his his nose to his tail ?its on both sides but i just wanted to know if this is all right on should i just flush him?i tryed to find some pics on this site but they all are just yellow.

thanks any help would be great

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That is the tangs "stress bar". When they are freaked out, that white bar comes out. On mine, it comes out everytime the tank lights go off.

On naso tangs, they get stress dots. White dots appear all over their body.

It is a good indicator if your tang is not very happy right now. That bar will come and go.

It is not a problem except to let you know it is stressed. Just monitor it for ich.
yeah the ick is why hes in that small tank i showed you yesterday . but now that im looking again it is going a way i realy saw it in the bag the worse. thanks sunny i told you i wanted one but i dont trust the ick factor so ill keep it in that tank with the ick remover and stress thyme
once again thanks
Good for you. I'm glad you got a fish you wanted. [D] Just give him a little time and space. Make sure you put something in that tank like a pvc ring to give him a place to hide. It will make him a little more confident if the fish is not feeling so exposed.

Try frozen foods first before moving onto pellets/flake.

Good luck!
The white line is not a "stress bar" your tang is most likely from hawaii it name escapes me but is a varity that is hartier that most so you should have a great gardener for years to come.
what kind of meds do you put in the hospital tank to rid fish of ick or other dieses?
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